As a leading online fabric shop, Fabric Direct ought to be your first stop for all online fabric purchases, whether they be for personal use or for business. Whether you're looking for high-quality and affordable soft furnishings, high-walled hangers and drapes, or specialist finish fabrics, the extensive range at Fabric Direct can literally be overwhelming, so take your time and find exactly what you need. With over 4500 plus fabrics, from traditional materials to funky, modern styles, you're sure to find something to suit your needs. For example, if you're searching for something to cover your stairs, you'll find a huge choice in fabric; choose from faux leather, suede, corduroy or even velvet, depending on your taste and budget. For more traditional and less conspicuous choices, you'll also find plenty of classic fabrics like chenille, velvet, and chenille brocade, to name but a few.

If you're looking to purchase high-quality and affordable curtains or upholstery, you'll also find an enormous range at animal fabric patterns Direct. From durable bamboo shades to soft cotton fabrics, you can choose from a range of designs that will complement any home, from country to contemporary, rustic to minimalist, traditional to modern. Be it draperies, curtains, cushion covers, bed throws, tablecloths, window treatments, table runners, curtain panels, slipcovers, upholstery or rugs - you will certainly find what you need at an online fabric shop online. And if there's anything that we can recommend to help you along your shopping journey, it's a recommendation that you should head over to the Fabric Shop Pro website to check out the wide range of options there.

Need something more special to brighten up the mood of a room? Check out our range of quilting fabrics! Whether you want to brighten up a child's room with zebra print, or make a romantic mood on your own, you will find a number of designs that will suit your tastes. For a playful space, try our range of patchwork, chenille, flokati or Jacquard fabrics; for a relaxing, vintage atmosphere, take a look at our range of chenille, velvet, chenille and satin fabrics; or if you need something a little more traditional, try out our range of toile, chenille and lace quilting fabrics. Our quilting wholesale fabric online come in a variety of styles and finishes, making it easy to create a one-of-a-kind finish for all of your pieces.

If you're in the market for quilting fabrics in bulk, you will find a number of options at Fabric Shop Online. We stock a full range of quilting fabrics - including popular classic fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, Merino wool and Australian cotton - as well as many new fabrics which are becoming popular in quilting circles. These include Japanese cotton, zebra and lamb's wool, and our range of chenille, plush and floral prints; or if you prefer a more traditional fabric, our wide selection of chenille, velvet, satin and polyester blends.

You can choose from a variety of weight and texture for your quilt fabrics. If you are buying an item to be used as a bedspread, you should consider one that has a light, consistent texture. In general, heavier textured fabrics will last longer because they have more durability, but they can sometimes feel stiff when you first lay them down. Quilts that are made with a looser weave, such as calico, are more durable, but they also tend to shrink. You might also like to purchase extra quilting fabrics - we recommend a couple of each of different textures, one for quilts, another for rugs and another for wall tapestries. You can use the extra fabric to sew patches or even attach edging to a chenille or plush fabric to enhance its dimensional stability.

When you shop online for your quilting fabric, remember that it is important to choose a fabric with excellent colorfast properties. This means that your fabric should resist stretching or tearing, and it should maintain its color and sheen for years to come. Your chosen fabric shop should have excellent customer service, with trained staff on hand to help you find the perfect fabric, measure the right size and ensure that it arrives on time. Finally, before you pay for your fabric, check to see whether the shop accepts returns and how easy it is to return damaged items. To know more about fabrics, visit this website at

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